This web page represents a document, "Disclaimer", that describes the status of this web site, http://retask.me, sub-domains, and any associated web-based and mobile applications (collectively, "Retask").

If you're not agree to any terms described on this page, you must stop using Retask immediately.

What it is

Retask is not a business, there's no legal entity behind. Retask is a "just for fun" project built and operated by Andrey Agibalov.


There are absolutely no guarantees provided by Retask:

  • It's not guaranteed that Retask will be available a minute later, tomorrow or next year.
  • It's not guaranteed that Retask will function as users expect.
  • It's not guaranteed that user accounts (and associated data) are preserved.

Sure, we'll do our best to keep Retask and user data available, but still it's not guaranteed.


Retask itself stores all the data you provide. This data is only used for internal system operations and its optimization. This data never goes to any 3rd party services.

We use cookies. We need them to distinguish multiple simultaneous users.

We use 3rd party services. It's likely that they also use cookies.

This document can be changed at any time. The most recent version can always be found right on this page.

Any questions or concerns you have, feel free to contact support(at)retask.me